What To Expect As A First Time Seller

Selling your first home can be an exciting but also overwhelming and stressful experience so its important to make sure you have the proper guidance to help steer you in the right direction. Tying in the purchase of your second home to this experience will no doubt add more details to be looked after so its important to have the right expertise to help you prepare, and look after you along the way.

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Should I Rent Or Should I Buy?

A long standing debate that I am sure many could continue to discuss over is if you’re better off renting or if you’re better off buying a place to call your own.

Im going to discuss in this blog some of the pros and cons to both sides of this argument that an individual should probably be considering before making the decision to purchase their first place or to continue renting. Read on to hear the main arguments in this important decision, and figuring out what best suits you.

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Nanaimo Real Estate Market Update – January 2019

The sleepy winter months of Real Estate seem to be at an end and with the fairly mild winter that we have had so far (ignoring the recent cold snap and dusting of snow) seems to have produced what feels like an earlier start to the spring market. With rumours of interest rates potentially dropping, or at the very least not going up in the near future, it feels like a potential recipe for a busy start to the year in what is now a much more balanced market for buyers and sellers.

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10 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker

One of the most common questions that I get asked is why someone would choose to work with a mortgage broker when considering home financing options. The main ones I refer to are a wider array of choice and the fact that we represent our clients best interest rather than that of the lending institution. We work specifically for you and you get access to our lending network which can include dozens of options. Below you’ll find ten great reasons to use a mortgage broker.

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Making sure you’ve budgeted for completion day

When buying a home, your costs will be more than just a down payment when it comes to completion, and its important to budget accordingly so to not be caught off guard and potentially feeling a little strapped for cash. Some of these costs can be built into/added onto your mortgage, and some cannot.

This blog will go over the most common closing costs that you’ll deal with so to help you prepare and budget ahead of time.

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Selling Your Home: Important Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

Your home likely has a special place in your heart, but its important to understand that not all buyers are going to see it in the same light as you do. Its possible to that you might be wearing some rose coloured glasses when evaluating your home and its potential short comings, so when your REALTOR makes suggestions of these following things, try not to take it personal… We see stuff like this all the time and our suggestions come with the mindset of helping you achieve your best outcome!

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